Five-fighting world association punished national trainer Raisner

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Raisner's athlete Schlu, on the other hand, was released from the accusation of excessive use of the rectors and spores, as it was called in a message of the UIPM from Monday.

The World Association Disciplinary Committee said Raisner to complete a training seminar for the right handling of horses. Only then will the Berliner be accredited again for a UIPM competition. In addition, she received an official reference. When repeating such an incident as in Tokyo, they have to expect the withdrawal of their coaching license.

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Heaffort right now!

Almost a month ago, Schlu was located in Tokyo for two disciplines on gold course. But when riding she had not caught up with that, and completely unsettled horse, Raisner had the crying Berliner with the words Heaffort really on it! prompted for the use of the devices. The trainer also gave the horse with his fist. Then Schlu and Raisner animal cruelty was accused. Both had always rejected this.

The monstrous behavior of Mrs. Raisner can not remain unpunished, it said in the grounds. At the same time, however, the committee realized to Raisner: Your sporty and professional career is characterized by exemplary behavior, so that the events of 6 August are considered an anomaly.


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